Tree Care Services

We offer a full range of professional tree care services for the Tri-County areas of Southeastern Pennsylvania.  Our services include tree removal, pruning, thinning, view clearing, emergency storm damage clean up, insurance claims work, and more. We take great pride in performing every job personally. We value your property and treat it like it is our own. Our experience combined with the best equipment in the industry enables us to exceed your expectations on every job. We remove all wood and debris while maintaining a clean and safe work area,.. We are very conscientious, and detail oriented with all phases of our work, including the clean up on your property.

Tree Pruning

Our tree pruning service includes expert pruning and thinning for ornamental trees, fruit trees, large hedges and shrubs, and trees that need rejuvenation. We are professionally trained in the art of tree pruning and arbor culture, and we can thin and shape your valuable trees and help restore them to their natural form and beauty. 

Tree Thinning

Our professional tree thinning service is done for a variety of reasons. Tree thinning for storm damage prevention on large trees includes removing branches to minimize wind sail, which helps prevent potential storm damage to your property. Crown thinning selectively removes branches to increase light penetration and air movement throughout the crown of a tree. Tree thinning is recommended for evergreens such as pines, cedars, redwoods and firs, as well as deciduous trees like large oaks etc.

Tree Removal

We offer professional tree removal for dangerous, or hazardous trees for both residential and commercial properties. If you have large trees on your property that you feel could possibly fail in one of our Northeastern wind/snow storms, trees that are diseased, or trees you would like removed for view enhancement, please call us for a free estimate. When we visit your property to offer you a free estimate, we will evaluate the condition of the tree, the location and other factors to determine the best course of action for removing your trees.

Stump Grinding, Tree Bracing & Cabling, Tree Inspections

We also offer stump grinding, tree bracing and cabling, tree inspections and more. Stump grinding can be completed at different depths. We are capable of grinding out any sized stump. A shallow grind to plant grass or small plants, or a deep grind to plant a tree in its place.  Chaz's TREE SERVICE also offers cabling and bracing for problem trees. Installing steel cables between major limbs reduces strain and helps support the tree. Cabling also helps reduce stress damage caused by high winds and excess ice or snow weight during the winter. 

View and Lot Clearing

We offer view and lot clearing, which includes both selective thinning and tree removal. Enhanced view tree trimming can increase the value of your property yet still maintain the integrity of the trees. Selective trimming, feathering, and crown reduction are utilized to enhance your property's view.

Emergency Tree Service and Storm Damage Prevention

We offer storm damage clean-up, emergency tree removal, and storm damage prevention tree maintenance. We have the resources and expertise to handle any type of tree removal on your property. Preventative care is the best solution to reduce potential damage to property. It is far less costly for home owners who have potentially hazardous trees to be proactive and take preventative action to have hazardous trees removed before a storm strikes.